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Jerry Wexler
“A one-of-a-kind pickin’ ‘n’ singin” Okie dynamo!”

All Music Guide 4 out of 5
“(Slim looks) backward all the way to the field holler and looking over sideways to country music, rolling it all up into a smart synthesis that sounds fresh and sharp even though it is only a half-step removed from the sounds of Charley Patton or Jimmie Rodgers.” -SL

San Diego Union-Tribune 3.5 out of 4
“No one today makes more compelling blues music than Slim.” – MK

Chicago Sun-Times 3 out of 4
“Slim is a genuine blues character, something that’s in short supply these days. ” – JJ

Philadelphia Inquirer 3 out of 4
“… grinding, greasy and swampy accompaniment as Slim puts fresh twists on age-old blues themes.” -NC

Memphis Flyer (Grade: A-)
“In an increasingly niche-oriented genre, this robust, rousing record demands a bigger audience.” – CH

Boston Phoenix 3.5 out of 4
“(after) one of last year’s best albums in any genre, the follow-up is equally rollicking.” -TD

St. Louis Riverfront Times
“He’s the best southpaw, slide resophonic guitarist you’ve ever heard.” -RK

Creative Loafing
“From honky-tonk and Western swing to Delta and Chicago blues, Watermelon Slim (Bill Homans) works a variety of American musical styles to create a rowdy roadhouse mash-up.” – WT

MOJO – Blues CD of The Month June 2007
“This truck driver-turned-bluesman is in for the long haul – grab a ride.” 4 stars.” –TR

HARP June 2007
“From sizzling slide guitar…to nitty-gritty harp blowing…to a gruff, resonating Okie twang, Slim delivers acutely personal workingman blues with both hands on the wheel of life, a bottle of hooch in his pocket, and the Bible on the passenger seat.”.” -RB

“Advocating “electrified amplified sweet raggedly blues,” Slim and his OK wild bunch take no prisoners.” – FJH

SING OUT! Summer 2007
“Stylistically diverse blues magic continuing through all 14 songs. (Slim has a) crafty knack for combinbing the contemporary with the down-home.” – GvT

Ottawa Xpress
“Pumpernickle for a whitebread world. Few artists have the capacity to effortlessly harness a warehouse of knowledge into every note, movement and utterance on a stage.”

Rochester City News
“The man freight-trained the harp, threw periodic tantrums (of the Pentecostal variety) on the dance floor and diddled on Dobro using various bottles of hot sauce.” Slim’s bellowing tone and lackadaisical phrasing is tres cool.”

Norman Transcript
“Slim’s charisma is uncommon…rocking with a diverse crowd of bikers, indie rock kids and queer women on the make.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Slim’s buzzsaw-raw, intensely personal vocals, harp playing and slide guitar are the products of life spent scuffling in hard, dirty day jobs, and nights in innumerable blues lineups in clubs from coast to coast.”

Blues in Britain Magazine
“He looks a bit like Tom Waits and certainly as much of a character. Slim delighted the audience with stories told in his southern drawl, including how he bought his Dobro from a Communist, his love for Britain…carrying a copy of the Complete Works of Shakespeare, which he actually had in his bag onstage.”

Charlie Musselwhite
“Watermelon Slim finds a new way to be traditional. His music is modern and down-home at the same time.”

Elwood Blues (a.k.a. Dan Aykroyd)
“One of the best blues singers out there.”

Barbara Dane
“Slim is some kind of walking miracle – showing you his most intimate aching guts while at the same time seducing you with irresistible guitar, haunting harp and unmistakable voice.”

Will Kimbrough
“Great blues band and great frontman/singer/harp blower/slide player (upside down left handed lap style amplified dobro—how’s that for hybrid vigor), that Watermelon. He killed me with his solo lap dobro and vocal version of “Angel From Montgomery” in the wee hours this morning.”

NPR’s All Things Considered
“It is difficult when a culture has behaviorally modified kids these days, such that their most important concerns are titty rings and tattoos.”

Toronto Star
“The only difference between a truck dispatcher and an editor is that one thinks he knows everything and the other is convinced he does.”

Blues In Britain
“I’ve had the crap beaten out of me enough times to know something about life. I have failed at more things than most people even try; that is my perspective.”

Blues Matters (U.K.)
“There’s three themes in the blues I usually sing: work, frustrated experiences, and consciousness of personal mortality. I have a trucker’s face and hands; I am the trucker’s face and hands. I sing what I have lived, in the blues.”

Canada’s Globe & Mail
“I have lived fuller than any three other people. I’ve got a great education, I fought in a war, I’ve fought against a war. I’ve been a husband and a father. I’ve had more pedal to the metal sex than anybody there ever was.”

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Everybody read below (on page). I am in the midst of a miraculous recovery. I will be playing at Fox and Locke on Saturday, August 13,. I've had plenty of serious injuries, but never had one heal so quickly as this one.For tickets, please visit www.foxandlocke.com/event-details/watermelon-slim ... See MoreSee Less
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I am left speechless by what has happened in the last 16-20 hours since I last wrote, with a constatnt pain level of four, and sleep imposible when I've tried.I fell asleep at 1 yestrday afternoon ,woke up a 5 oclock or so ffeling not even minimal discomfort. Suddenly I could go everything that were excruciating if I tried them Wednesday. Since there I hve felt increasingly operational in all bodily parts. I have tested playing the guitar. It works.I work. I do not have an MRI until next Thursday the 11th, but if I feel no worse than this on that day I will have no need for one. Hey, I;m tough, I heal quicker than most, but speaking as a veteran dealer with serious injury, this is nothing less than miraculous. I must believe that all y'all's prayers for me must have closed the tear, if there indeed was one. Thank you!! ... See MoreSee Less
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