Rock and Blues Muse – Tom O’Conner

Sometimes the best way to start a new year is to go a bit old school. You won’t do better here in 2019 than Northern Blues’ January 25th release of Watermelon Slim’s Church of the Blues. In fact, you’ll want a front row pew.

This fourteen song collection by the venerable blues veteran, Watermelon Slim, is a sweet seven and seven cocktail; half originals and half covers, all well-crafted and approached in Slim’s unique style of slide guitar, soul-deep harmonica and honest vocals. Backed by the stalwart rhythms of Brian Wells’ drums and John Allouise’s spare and steady bass, and accompanied by some very special guests, Slim further cements his status as a bonafide living legend. Listen in as he uses some of the oldest traditions in the Blues to get you up-to-date on everything that is happening now, in his heart, in his head and in the world around him.

Special guests include quite a lineup: Bob Margolin on guitar, Sherman Holmes on vocals, John Nemeth on vocals, Red Young on keys, Nick Schnebelen on guitar and slide, Joe Louis Walker on guitar, Albert Castiglia on guitar, and more.