“I’ve had a little success in a life marked mostly by failure.” –Watermelon Slim

Interview from OverDrive Magazine (overdriveonline.com)
By: Long Haul Paul
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Bluesman Watermelon Slim
Past jobs:
 Soldier, Household Mover, Hazmat Hauler, Log Trucker, Collections Agent, Petty Criminal, Dry Box Hauler, Funeral Officiator, Rolloff Operator, Sawmiller, Truck Patch Farmer, Lumper, Newspaper Reporter

Move over, bought and paid for beer-mongering pretty boys. We have found the actual Most Interesting Man in the World, and he is William P. (Bill) Homans III, also known as Watermelon Slim, a retired trucker (handle: “Watermelon”) turned international blues sensation Click to Read full article!